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Usage of Google Vertex AI in the Gaming Industry and Game Data Analytics

Oyun Sektöründe Google Vertex AI Kullanımı ve Oyun Veri Analitikleri

Solving a few puzzles on the metro, delving into the suspense of a thrilling horror game after turning off the lights in the evening, or steering through the sunny atmosphere of a racing game on a weekend when “it’s impossible to go out in this rain” – everyone can find a game that suits their taste.

Valued game developers, you understand better than anyone else that creating various types of games that provide us with these enjoyable moments, sometimes finished in a blink, is not an easy task. Whether you’re a lone creator or a well-organized team, bringing your ideal game to life can take a considerable amount of time.

The significance of this process amplifies when you’re not just creating a game as a hobby but aiming to present the game as a product. The expectation of financial returns underscores the reality of incurred expenses. Moreover, ensuring continuity and sustainability also demands significant effort. At different stages of the game creation process, various services provided by Google Cloud will assist you in achieving your ideal outcome.

Vertex AI

Under the platform of Google Cloud, Vertex AI  offers services such as machine learning, model services, and productive artificial intelligence.

Taking a brief pause here, it’s crucial not to forget the importance of infrastructure, system monitoring, and security, especially in many game types, particularly multiplayer systems. And on Google Cloud, you can handle these aspects as well.

Let’s progress with examples of how you can use the Vertex AI platform in the game production process. Suppose you’ve had an idea for a game for a long time and now wish to start. Firstly, you can enrich this idea during the design and update stages by utilizing Google’s productive AI solutions. For instance, using Imagen for visualizing thoughts for scene or character designs during the prototyping phase, and PaLM 2 for generating various options for stories, characters, and dialogues. If you also offer chat opportunities to your users, you can also install a bad word filter and pre-moderation system with PaLM 2.

During the coding phase, Duet AI will assist with coding. It’s beneficial to explore the supported languages and IDE integrations it offers. Also, a side note: you can use Duet AI as an assistant in your projects within the Google Cloud console.

Of course, if you have a thought of providing users the opportunity to chat with game characters, you can also use the Generative AI APIs available in Vertex AI. Additionally, using the multi-model approach with Gemini, a fun scenario starting with a visual upload by players can be designed.

You might also want to use an artificial intelligence model that you’ve designed in your game. Training this model, testing it, and making it accessible to players is a robust feature of the Vertex AI platform. With an MLOps pipeline supported by GPU or TPU, you can easily set up all stages of machine learning on Vertex AI.

Game Data Analytics

Now, suppose you have a game and perhaps have reached millions of players (🧿). Your database is filled with various data flows, be it user actions and events, Google Analytics data, system logs, either in real-time or batch format. Even before reaching this stage, you’ll see the benefit of collecting this data in BigQuery.

Primarily, by utilizing the data in BigQuery, you can easily track through various visualizations using Looker Studio. Moreover, even if you don’t have expertise in machine learning, with AutoMLs in the Vertex AI platform, you can perform machine learning processes directly on BigQuery or on your data in the Google Cloud console. This way, by using AutoMLs, you can carry out these operations, which require a substantial workforce, such as predicting future demands, assessing the impacts of new elements you consider adding to the game, or automatically categorizing comments or error reports, more practically and effectively.

I recommend leveraging the various services under Google Cloud Vertex AI to better understand your players, ensure that they experience the same enjoyment while playing your game as you had while bringing it to life, and maintain the sustainability of this enjoyment.

Feel free to reach out to us to get to know more details, especially about these topics and more.

After that, GGWP! Enjoy the games! 👾

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