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Accelerate Digital Transformation with Application Modernization!

Digital transformation and cloud platforms, which have become an indispensable part of the business world, bring along some preliminary preparations. Modernizing enterprise applications to become cloud-ready is critical. This makes it possible to improve application performance and accelerate the development cycle. Starting with a foundational data-driven assessment, you can use Google Cloud’s customized, proven DevOps practices and open source-based application platform and tools to pave the way for faster, more secure software development. By prioritizing modernization, you can increase your return on investment (ROI). With Google Cloud’s application modernization solutions and a consistent DevOps experience, you can reduce costs and innovate faster.

Application Modernization Solutions

Hybrid and Multicloud Application Platform

Build, deploy, and optimize your apps in a simple, flexible, and secure way from anywhere with Google Cloud’s consistent DevOps experience across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Transform enterprise applications and upgrade your technology

  • Build or modernize your apps anywhere: Anthos enables companies to adapt to changing market conditions to build applications faster to take advantage of the cloud; It offers capabilities that enable them to modernize and agile their existing applications.
  • Implement new app features faster: Anthos uses Google Cloud’s latest cloud-native technologies to automate the platform’s day-to-day tasks so your company can use new features quickly and deliver them to customers faster.
  • Protect your applications and customer data: Anthos reduces vulnerabilities while adhering to your company’s governance and compliance requirements.

Cloud-native Application Development

You can leverage Google Cloud’s end-to-end platform to accelerate your developers’ productivity, simplify processes, and make your software delivery process secure and compliant.

Modernize any app

  • Accelerate with reliability and security: Increase your speed and develop faster without sacrificing quality. Ensure security and compliance as part of application development.
  • Focus on writing code, not managing infrastructure: Isolate all infrastructure management from other work. Scale automatically almost instantly based on traffic.
  • Reduce risks with open source technology: Achieve continuously extensible integration with open standards and distribute your risks across multiple clouds.

Application Development and Delivery with Serverless

Develop, deploy, and scale your applications quickly and securely in a fully managed serverless environment. Google Cloud’s serverless computing platform automatically scales up and down from zero on the fly based on traffic, allowing all infrastructure management to be abstracted.

Get faster & safer development, deployment and operations

  • Accelerate your speed to market: Build, deploy, and run your apps in production; Do all this in a matter of seconds. Increase productivity and flexibility by letting your developers code the way they want.
  • Streamline your developers’ experience: Unleash your developers and operators with a fully managed infrastructure.
  • Automate event orchestration: Google Cloud’s serverless environment allows your workloads to automatically scale up or down, or even down to zero, based on traffic.


Increase the speed of software delivery, improve service reliability, and build co-ownership with developers with DevOps.

Achieve unparalleled performance in your software development and delivery processes

  • Increase your speed: The highest performing teams engage 208 times more often than low performers and have 106 times faster lead times.
  • Increase stability: The highest performing teams get things done 2,604 times faster and error rates 7 times lower.
  • Take the first step with confidence: High-performing teams spend 50% less time fixing security issues.


Continuous Delivery (CD) / Sürekli Dağıtım

Create fast and efficient pipelines.

Publish your software quickly without sacrificing security or quality. GCP developer tools help you build end-to-end continuous deployment pipelines that span all phases of software development across multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments.

Continuous integration (CI) / Sürekli Entegrasyon

Quickly develop quality software.

Improve developer productivity and software quality, bringing newly added features to your customers faster. GCP’s continuous integration tool lets you create automated builds, run tests, and scan for vulnerabilities in minutes.

Application Migration

Move traditional applications from virtual machines to local servers.

Grow your business by moving your apps to Google Cloud

  • Improve performance: Simplify your work with Google Cloud’s implementations, such as auto-sizing recommendations and custom machine types.
  • Keep your work safe: Your data is encrypted both in motion and at rest with millisecond access and instant “disk resizing” for all storage classes.
  • Do more for less: Even as your needs grow as you grow, Google Cloud always saves more.

API Management

Accelerate application design and development with an API-first approach. You can leverage Google Cloud’s API management platform to manage, analyze, and gain visibility into all your APIs across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Leverage legacy systems while adapting to changing market needs

  • Accelerate your time to market: Leverage existing systems to significantly reduce the time it takes to deliver new offers and services to your customers.
  • Streamline the customer experience: Design a modern, dynamic experience for customers, partners, and employees across mobile, web, or voice applications.
  • Empower your developers and partners: Give partners and external developers API-based service access for smoother onboarding and easier development.

Mainframe Modernization

Modernize your host apps securely and quickly using the automated code refactoring toolset with Google Cloud’s advanced application discovery and analytics capabilities.

Innovate with cloud-native services

  • Gain operational efficiency: Break free from the investment cycle for host refresh. Move to a modern, cloud-based model to reduce operational cost and improve sustainability.
  • Make your services agile: Improve your software capabilities so you can make updates faster and more frequently.
  • Reduce risk and gain flexibility: Get the best engineering talent by modernizing your open software. Use Google’s G4 technology to automate app discovery and transcoding.

Container Solutions and Kubernetes

The most practical way to develop and deploy applications is through Google Cloud’s container solutions. Enable your developer team to move faster, deploy software efficiently, and operate at unrivaled scale with containerization.

  • Get up to speed while staying safe: With the ecosystem of Google Cloud, you can develop and deploy software faster without compromising security.
  • Gain flexibility: Deploy all your apps, both legacy and cloud-native, on a consistent platform. Separate your applications from the underlying infrastructure and gain the flexibility to run your services in the cloud, on-premises, and even at the edge.
  • Increase traceability: Increase visibility with GKE without any configuration required. Troubleshoot issues, create SLOs, and perform comprehensive analysis with automated metrics.