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Google Cloud your organization
Protect with Security Solutions!

For your security in cloud, on-premises or hybrid deployments, you can use Google’s best products to identify, thoroughly investigate and stop cyber threats targeting your business and users before attacks result in damage or loss. By using WAAP to protect against fraud and Chronicle to detect and investigate threats, you can ensure top-level security for your applications and keep your users, data, and applications protected at all times thanks to Google’s secure design infrastructure.

Autonomic Security Operations

Through a modern, cloud-native stack, you can conduct agile and highly automated threat management and integrate with third-party tools to strengthen your defenses against threats.

Accelerate conversion:

Take advantage of workshops, technical content, products, integrations, and plans designed to help you start your modernization journey to autonomous security operations.

Collaborate with Google Cloud:

Leverage Google Cloud’s comprehensive global security infrastructure to lead threat management together. Transform your security operations team to adapt to your organization’s growing security needs.

Maximize the scope of the use case:

Collaborate with MSSPs instead of trying to detect APTs, ransomware, network anomalies, or fraud signals yourself. Simplify risk detection.

Security and Resilience Framework

With a comprehensive suite of security and resiliency solutions that offer comprehensive solutions for every stage of the security and resiliency lifecycle, you can ensure business continuity and protect your business from cyberattacks.

Increase your security:

Assess the risk of your critical assets and increase your resiliency by migrating to Google Cloud. Safeguard your critical assets in the cloud and on-premises.

Modernize your protections:

Protect yourself from threats and maintain your operations in ways ranging from securing software supply chains with Google Cloud solutions to transformation with Zero Trust architectures and threat hunting at scale.

Take advantage of fast recovery:

Get rid of security issues like ransomware wherever your assets are in minutes, instead of days or weeks.

Web App and API Protection | WAAP)

Increase availability and compliance while protecting your applications and APIs from threats and fraud with proven protection methods for applications in cloud, on-premises, or hybrid deployments.

High-level security against threats:

Protect against new and existing threats while keeping your apps and APIs compliant and continuously available with anti-DDoS, anti-bot, WAF, and API protections.

Simplify your operations:

Reduce the number of vendors you work with to protect your applications; Take advantage of integrations with Google Cloud tools for unified management and visibility.

Use WAAP for cheaper:

Get proven, comprehensive protection for applications and APIs from a single vendor while saving between 50%-70% over competitive solutions.