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Cloud Check-up

While everything that moves to the cloud is a priority in our lives, are our cloud infrastructures healthy enough? Is everything going well after moving to the cloud? Are there any new bricks we need to add, new mortars we need to replace? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, Global IT’s cloud-specialized team analyzes both your lines of business and the technical architecture and reveals how healthy your cloud systems are.

You can reflect the technical requirements, business line expectations and knowledge learned from architectural structures to your own projects. Because by performing a check-up of all the systems within the scope, we can evaluate the overall health status of the cloud architecture and the impact of the existing architecture on expectations and offer solutions for the existing structure.

To assess the architectural health of cloud-based business systems, global IT engineers use Google Cloud services to provide health audit and analysis reports on network topology, compute, storage, database schema, middleware, and security architecture, as well as other components.

For projects you run or intend to run on Google Cloud Platform, we are happy to accompany you on your cloud journey with our team of experts.