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Modernize Your Cloud Infrastructure with an Infrastructure Modernization Solution!

At the heart of digitalization lie cloud platforms and cloud solutions and cloud services. Companies that need flexibility and agile are turning to cloud services to modernize their infrastructure and reduce costs. With the Infrastructure Modernization solution from Google Cloud, it is possible to move to the cloud quickly and seamlessly. From rehosting to building a new platform, Google Cloud offers approaches to modernizing flexible infrastructure. With a modern infrastructure, you can take advantage of all the innovations that Google’s cloud technologies provide, from artificial intelligence to broadcast analytics.

Why Should You Choose Which Method for Infrastructure Modernization?

Application Migration

Moving your apps to the cloud helps you avoid expensive refresh cycles.

Grow your business by moving to the cloud

  • Achieve higher user and customer satisfaction with improved application performance.
  • Maintain application security with all encrypted data.
  • With no upfront costs, accurate sizing recommendations and density, you get huge savings.

Google Cloud and SAP (SAP on Google Cloud)

Choose a secure cloud environment with improved reliability, network, and uptime performance for business continuity. Increase economic value while agile your company with innovations from virtual machine-based infrastructure, analytics, and machine learning.

Optimize your SAP business application

  • Focus on your business, not infrastructure.
  • Gain agility with the right insights.
  • Get expert support every step of your cloud journey.

VMware as a Service

Move your VMware environment to the cloud with just a few clicks and run your VMware workloads locally on Google Cloud without refactoring your applications.

Move your workloads seamlessly

  • Generate intelligent insights with cloud native services.
  • Enjoy a fully integrated customer experience.
  • Simplify infrastructure management with hybrid cloud environments.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Keep your business running with a cloud-integrated backup and disaster recovery strategy.

Back up and recover anywhere

  • Take the first step to cloud adoption.
  • For virtual machines and databases, use a scalable and cost-effective cloud backup infrastructure.
  • Get recovery times that align with your business needs.
  • Increase the use of backup for ransomware recovery, test/dev, and analytics.

High Performance Computing

Tackle the most complex computing challenges with a cost-effective, powerful, and flexible infrastructure to support scalable workloads.

Have a strong and flexible infrastructure

  • Reduce wait times for large workloads.
  • Pay only for what you need.
  • Innovate with high-performance, on-demand resources.

Microsoft on Google Cloud – Windows (Microsoft & Windows on Google Cloud)

Get a world-class experience for Windows workloads. You can manage your infrastructure yourself or take advantage of managed services. You can use the images that come with the license or your own images. You can move, optimize, and modernize your infrastructure to the cloud with an enterprise service powered by Microsoft.

Simplify your modernization journey

  • Move to the cloud to increase your IT agility and reduce your server-based footprint.
  • Optimize license usage to reduce your costs.
  • Modernize your infrastructure without relying on a single vendor.

Virtual Desktops

Today’s companies need to balance security and IT resources with the intensity of remote work. By accessing corporate resources in a secure and scalable way, you can move your business forward.

Work remotely, flexibly and securely

  • Authenticate the user through Google Workspace, Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP), or Active Directory.
  • Choose high-performing partners.
  • Increase business agility by moving your apps to the cloud and building a new platform.

Bare Metal Solution

It moves your custom workloads to Google Cloud with a certified database infrastructure, allowing you to access and integrate with cloud services with minimal latency.

Experience the latest hardware

  • Get flexibility and agility for specific workloads.
  • Take advantage of the subscription system.

Data Center Migration

Choose the path that will take you to the cloud: Move, application change, or hybrid

Enjoy performance, scale, and security

  • Move to a more secure cloud.
  • Grow confidently on purpose-built Google infrastructure.
  • Modernize your infrastructure at your own pace.

Active Assist

Active Assist offers a portfolio of tools that use data, intelligence, and machine learning to reduce cloud complexity and management overhead, making it easy to optimize the security, performance, and cost of your cloud.

Maximize your cloud value by reducing complexity

  • Find the ideal balance of performance and costs with automated recommendations.
  • Optimise your cloud by receiving proactive alerts about potential gaps or potential issues.
  • Unlock innovation by reducing the time and effort required for infrastructure management.