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With Disaster Recovery Solution
Protect Your Data to Fit Your Business Needs.

At any time, for any reason, your services may be interrupted. There could be an outage on your network, your most recent update could cause a critical error, or you might have to deal with the consequences of a natural disaster. Taking precautions during periods when things are in their normal course, when things may go wrong; a robust, targeted and well-tested disaster recovery (Disaster Recovery | DR) plan. With a good DR plan, you can be sure that the impact of a disaster on your company’s profitability will be minimal. Whatever your disaster recovery needs, the range of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has a solution to fit your business needs.

Recovery Time Objective (Recovery Time Objective | RTO)

Easy and cost-effective homogeneous migrations to managed services. Simplify your database migration at every step of your cloud journey. Migrate to Google Cloud databases and get efficient and flexible processes while running and managing your databases at global scale.

Recovery Point Objective (Recovery Point Objective | RPO)

The maximum acceptable amount of time is determined that data in your application can be lost due to a major event. This metric depends on how the data is used. For example, data that is frequently changed may have an RPO of only a few minutes. In contrast, less critical, rarely changed data may have an RPO of several hours.

Why Choose Google Cloud for Disaster Recovery?



Network Infrastructure



Physical Facilities

With a cloud environment, Google Cloud greatly reduces the costs associated with both RTO and RPO compared to meeting disaster recovery requirements on the server. By providing a highly managed solution on a world-class manufacturing platform, it helps you overcome many or all of these complex factors, eliminating many operating costs.

When you plan for disaster recovery with Google Cloud, you can enjoy many benefits:

A Global Network

You can take advantage of one of the largest and most advanced computer networks in the world, owned by Google.

Wealth of Alternatives

Having multiple points of presence (PoPs) around the world empowers your hand in data backup.


Even if you see a big traffic spike, your apps/site will automatically scale with other Google products.


Google’s security model is based on more than 15 years of experience helping to secure customers across Google apps like Gmail and Google Workspace.


Google Cloud is regularly audited for security, privacy, and compliance.