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Sefamerve – With Google Cloud Better And Effective Performance

“Considering the losses due to outages in the past, it was necessary to switch to Google Cloud technology. When we have a global IT problem, they do not only offer us a solution, but also realize the relevant solution instantly. That’s why we’re so happy with Global IT and recommend it to everyone.”
CTO – İsa Semih Akçıra

What were the problems experienced on the platform before meeting Global IT?
What kind of changes have you observed in your company since you started working with Global IT?


  • Sefamerve was having trouble responding to the sudden spikes in traffic during its online sales.
  • had an unstable infrastructure before Global IT. In 2017, there was a 36-hour outage due to the software infrastructure of the websites, they needed to eliminate such interruptions.
  • Meeting the additional needs that arise in the solution of instant problems immediately was important in terms of service uninterruptedness.
  • Other software and artificial intelligence projects developed by Sefamerve were also needed to support Google Cloud.


  • Thanks to accelerated websites, sales increased by 20%.
  • The needs of their technical teams began to be met immediately. Solving the problems, which previously took 10-15 days, could be solved in a few minutes after working with Global IT.
  • started to provide uninterrupted and fast service to its customers.
  • The migration project to Google Cloud was carried out without the need for any expert human resources, both during and after the transition phase, with adequate and timely technical support and zero cost.

The Role of Global IT

  • The problems that had previously experienced were determined.
  • By choosing the right Google Cloud products for Sefamerve, it was ensured that the problems were solved quickly with the most effective solutions.
  • During the transition to Google Cloud, it was very important which tool to use, how to use it and how to implement it in Sefamerve. The transition process was completed in as little as 26 days at zero cost. This project was a good example of a migration to Google Cloud.
  • In the 28 artificial intelligence and software projects that Sefamerve plans to implement in the near future, they plan to continue to receive services from Global IT.

Why Global IT?

Global IT embraces the needs of its customers as its own and acts as a part of their team, not only offering solutions, but also bringing them to the result quickly and in the most value-added way.


Within the scope of the support service, it provides accessible resources for the immediate detection of possible instant problems and the provision of necessary solutions.


It makes crisis management the most secure way by using Google Cloud facilities effectively and ensuring communication with Google Cloud teams abroad when necessary.


Global IT is the oldest premier partner of Google Cloud in Turkey, so it is possible to offer innovative and fast solutions thanks to its experience.