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Vivense Success Story:


Vivense Transformed Data Management with Google Cloud and Global IT.


Industry: Retail Furniture

Vivense embarked on a journey guided by Global IT to establish and empower a data warehouse platform. Leveraging Google Cloud’s BigQuery infrastructure, a robust foundation was built for data management and analytics.

The challenge

  • Vivense was struggling with a fragmented data infrastructure that hindered growth and meaningful analytics.
  • Faced with performance limitations, data consistency issues, and complex extract, transform, load processes of Amazon Relational Database Service MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.
  • These challenges impeded Vivense from gaining profound insights into customer behavior and optimizing operations.
4 Million events per day
Together with Global IT, we designed and successfully implemented a robust data warehouse platform by leveraging best practices and innovative Google Cloud technologies. Access to real-time and accurate data that we achieved plays a crucial role in personalizing customer experiences and contributing significantly to the growth of our business. Throughout this process, the end-to-end support from Global IT has boosted our confidence in successfully completing the project.

Serkan Çamuroğlu l Chief Technology Officer

Serkan Çamuroğlu l Chief Technology Officer

The solution

  • Vivense is now providing real-time data streaming by processing 4 million records per day from MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Datastream.
  • Transitioning from MongoDB to BigQuery and integrating with Looker Studio, Vivense now relies on a single source of truth for data visualization and reporting, offering comprehensive insights into customer behavior and market trends.
  • The Extract, Load, Transform (ELT) approach eliminates the need for complex data flattening by leveraging BigQuery’s native processing capabilities, streamlining the data pipeline.

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Just one year after our founding in 2006, we became the first technology company to bring Google's cloud solutions to our country. For a long time, we carried this flag as the only authorized business partner in Turkey and to date, we have served more than 750 customers together with Google.