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With Database Solutions
Build a Reliable and Agile Database Strategy

No matter where you are in your cloud journey, Google Cloud’s database solutions meet you where you are. With Google Cloud databases, you can agile transform your business on a trusted platform. You can deliver a superior customer experience while maintaining the freedom to work the way you want. You can develop new features and applications faster and unify your entire data lifecycle with integrated services. You can accelerate your business transformation with database migration and modernization solutions.

Database Migration

Easy and cost-effective homogeneous migrations to managed services. Simplify your database migration at every step of your cloud journey. Migrate to Google Cloud databases and get efficient and flexible processes while running and managing your databases at global scale.

Reduce cost, increase agility:

Increase your flexibility and agility with fully manageable, open-source-compatible databases at low costs and without sacrificing performance.

Innovate at scale:

Focus on innovation with scalable and highly reliable databases. Easily build apps at the scale and performance that powers Google services.

Do Full Integration:

Integrate your databases with other Google Cloud solutions, including data analytics, machine learning, and application development products.

Database Modernization
(Database Modernization)

Modernize your core operational databases to make your applications more secure, reliable, scalable, and easier to manage. Focus on what you can do while reducing complexity and increasing agility with fully manageable solutions.

Grow with fast and seamless scaling:

Seamlessly scale Google Cloud databases and build cloud-native applications tailored to handle seasonal fluctuations or unpredictable growth.

Move faster to focus on business value:

Enable developers to perform less maintenance and faster migration with database capabilities such as serverless management, autoscaling, and deep integrations.

Build more powerful apps:

Transform your business with a robust ecosystem of services like GKE. Easily access data for analytics and AI/ML with BigQuery and Google Cloud AI.

Oracle Workload Migration

Reduce the overhead of your Oracle workloads and lower your costs with Google Cloud’s infrastructure, from Bare Metal Solution to cloud-native databases. Reduce overhead with a variety of databases while increasing innovation and agility.

Reduce total cost of ownership:

Move Oracle workloads to Google Cloud to reduce upfront hardware, software, and maintenance costs. Save up to 78% on total cost of ownership.

Improve availability:

Critical applications need reliable databases that scale to your business. Google Cloud offers databases with SLA support to protect your applications.

Simplify your processes:

Reduce data center and database management by leveraging fully managed infrastructure and database services.

SQL Server on Google Cloud

Run Microsoft SQL Server on the Compute Engine or use managed Cloud SQL for SQL Server for more efficient business processes. By using fully managed Cloud SQL for SQL Server, you can reduce your operational load and lower your costs with fully compliant and configurable custom VM shapes

Reduce dependency:

Improve server usage by paying as you go (including BYOL). Take advantage of a managed database with high availability, updates, and copy so you can focus on business value.

Take advantage of the benefits of global infrastructure:

Industry-leading VM performance dramatically shortens Windows boot times. Run your databases on Google’s global fiber network and get extremely low latencies for your applications.

Develop detailed control mechanisms:

Discover the ideal price-performance match for your enterprise applications with Specialized Machine Types giving your administrators control over the vCPUs, RAM, and storage you give your virtual machines.

Open Source Databases

Fully managed open source databases encourage innovation without vendor lock-in or high licensing fees. Google Cloud helps you deploy secure open source databases at scale and without managing infrastructure.

Take advantage of community support:

Focus on innovation by taking advantage of Google Cloud’s long-standing partnership with organizations that are a leading contributor to open source and fully managed open source databases.

The advantage of partner-driven innovation:

Always take advantage of the latest technologies so that Google Cloud works directly with key partners to provide a fully integrated platform for their customers, as opposed to vendors distributing older versions of open source code.

Get full compatibility:

Get timely access to the latest enhancements with Google Cloud databases like Cloud SQL and Memorystore, which combine the flexibility of open source engines with the ease and efficiency of a managed service.