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TRA Bilişim – Cost Effective Performance with Google Cloud

“We turned to Cloud solutions primarily to solve issues such as security, performance, server hosting costs, etc. In search of this solution, we found Global IT in the “Partners” section of Google Cloud’s website. From the first moment, their open communication and solution-oriented approach greatly influenced our decision to work with Global IT. After all the successful work we have done, we recommend Global IT to other organizations.”
General Manager – Barış Ateş

What were the biggest factors in getting you started with Global IT?
How did you decide to move to Google Cloud Platform?


  • TRA Bilişim’s own servers had security needs.
  • They were looking for a more cost-effective solution for the maintenance and hosting costs of TRA Bilişim’s servers.
  • They were looking for a technology for software distribution.


  • To keep the entire infrastructure alive and secure, all servers were moved to Google Compute Engine.
  • Google Kubernetes Engine was introduced for software distribution under the consultancy of Global IT.
  • With the introduction of Google Kubernetes Engine, the transition to microservice architecture was achieved when developing software.
  • Thanks to the Cloud Run solution, there has been a significant reduction in costs with the pay-as-you-go method.
  • Security needs were met with the transition to Google Cloud Platform.
  • Since application dependencies are eliminated thanks to Google Cloud; they started to develop more flexible and dynamic applications.

Did you get the support you needed from Global IT?

The Role of Global IT

  • Thanks to Global IT’s open communication, solution-oriented and proactive approach, problems can be identified and solved in a short time.
  • Working with a technology partner who understands the needs of the TRA IT team and speaks the same language has added value to the organization.