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Accelerating Transformation with Google Cloud Platform!

Cloud technologies are an indispensable part of both private and business life. Google Cloud Platform provides solutions to develop apps faster, make smarter business decisions, and connect and collaborate with everyone, no matter where they are. Needs such as storage, analytics, big data, machine learning, and application development are all broadly addressed in Google Cloud Platform. Moreover, with flexible, safe and affordable costs…

Meet the Google Cloud Platform experience today!

Why Use Google Cloud Platform?


Develop apps faster, unlock new experiences! Develop your apps quickly with Google Cloud’s open source, multi-threaded, and hybrid cloud capabilities without relying on extra tools.


Make better decisions at every point in your operations. Take advantage of Google Cloud’s machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities to make it easy for everyone on your team to access the insights they need.


Transform the way you work! By using sharing applications such as video call, e-mail and chat that work in integration with each other, renew your location-independent ways of doing business.


Run your apps in a secure cloud environment, protect your data with advanced security services, and save money with an innovative pricing approach. Take advantage of this service immediately.

State-of-the-Art Solutions to All Challenges

Modernize your infrastructure by running your critical applications such as Oracle, SAP, VMware, and Windows on Google Cloud.

Infrastructure Modernization

Securely move and manage your corporate data to a trusted environment with managed database services.


Modernize your legacy apps. Build new services to take advantage of cloud capabilities like Kubernetes.

Application Modernization

Get rid of complex analytics systems and get actionable insights with a server-agnostic platform.

Intelligent Analytics

Bring AI and machine learning solutions to your teams to improve efficiency in customer service and recruitment, and more.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Easily detect, investigate, and manage online threats using security solutions that have been tested and proven to protect your business.


Extend your existing data with APIs to automate your processes and easily build apps without coding.

Business Applications Platform

Use Google Workspace to make your business processes faster, smarter, and increase collaboration for the organization.

Productivity and Collaboration

Sectoral Solutions

Modernize your infrastructure by running your critical applications such as Oracle, SAP, VMware, and Windows on Google Cloud.

Infrastructure Modernization

By managing risk and making timely decisions, you maintain your competitive edge in rapidly changing financial conditions.

Financial Services

Despite all the challenging conditions, personalize your patients' experiences and modernize your R&D processes.


Create world-class content, streamline workflows, quickly deploy new digital services, and start transforming the viewer experience.

Media & Entertainment

Improve utilities, increase your operational efficiency and unlock innovation.

Public Sector

Engage with a worldwide player base while equipping game developers with noOps infrastructure and real-time insights.


Empower your people by driving profitability, operational excellence and innovation across the manufacturing value chain.


Google Cloud Platform Services Compute

Develop virtual machines that run in Google's datacenter.

Compute Engine

Use the serverless application platform to develop highly scalable applications and backends.

App Engine

Create a fully manageable environment to develop and deploy scalable and container applications

Cloud Run

Use Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) for machine learning, compute, and 3D visualization.

Cloud GPUs


Add MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server database services to your applications.

Cloud SQL

Add a cloud-native, relational database of unlimited scale and 99% availability to your applications.

Cloud Spanner

Use the NoSQL database to store and synchronize your data in real time.

Firebase Realtime Database

Use a cloud-native, wide-column database for large-scale, low-latency business processes.

Cloud Bigtable

Use the in-memory database for Managed Redis and Memcached.

Memory Store


Create an easily manageable Kubernetese environment to run containerized and scalable applications.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Create a fully managed, serverless environment to run containerized and scalable applications.

Cloud Run

Quickly develop and run containerized applications with out-of-the-box pre-built deployment templates and consolidated billing.

Kubernetes Application

Save Docker visuals to securely store and manage them.

Container Registry

Build, run, and test build steps in Docker containers.

Cloud Build

Cloud Storage

Store your objects in a secure, resilient, and scalable environment.

Cloud Storage

Store your files in a highly scalable and secure environment.

File Storage

Use locally attached block storage for your high-performance needs

Local SSD

Store your objects in an environment where you can store and present user-developed content



Develop security policies and defense mechanisms against web and DDoS attacks.

Cloud Armor

Get a content delivery network to deliver web and video content.

Cloud CDN

Use the domain name system to find reliable, low-latency domains.

Cloud DNS

Distribute data traffic between applications and regions.

Cloud LoadBalencing

Developer Tools

Build infrastructures with the universal package manager.

Artifact Registry

Manage your Google Cloud resources and applications with command-line tools and libraries.

Cloud SDK

Use a continuous deployment and continuous integration (CI/CD) platform.

Cloud Build

Get IDE support for writing, running, and debugging Kubernetes applications.

Cloud Code

Easily create and manage Google Cloud resources.

Cloud Deployment Manager

Data Analytics

Use the data warehouse for agility and meaningful insights into business processes.

Big Query

Use the messaging app to exchange approvals.


Perform streaming analytics for streaming data and batch processing.

Data Flow

Create and manage data with data integration.

Cloud Data Fusion

Security & Security

Use the permission management system for Google Cloud resources.

Cloud IAM

Store API keys, secrets, certificates, and other sensitive data.

Secret Manager

Encrypt your data in use with trusted virtual machines.

Confidential Computing

Stay safe from threats to your Google Cloud assets.

Security Command Center

Perform two-factor authentication to keep your user accounts protected.

Titan Security Key

Reduce the sensitive but mundane administrative tasks required to administer Active Directory.

Managed Server for Windows Active

Manage encryption keys in Google Cloud.

Cloud Key Management

Hybrid and Multicloud

Develop new applications and modernize your existing applications.


Develop serverless on GKE.

Cloud Run for Anthos

Global IT's Solutions as a Google Cloud Premier Partner

  • We are Google Cloud and Google Worksapce Premier Partner since 2006.
  • We hold Specializations in Infrastructure – Services and Work Transformation.
  • We have 70+ Google Cloud certifications.
  • We’re adept at developing and implementing cloud solutions tailored to your business needs.
  • Our clients trust us in our proficiency across workspace environment optimization, database ve infrastructure management and critical security challenges, ensuring innovative solutions, streamlined operations, and robust data handling.