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Turn Ideas into Reality with Artificial Intelligence!

Some things we used to see in science fiction movies have become a regular part of life over time. Artificial intelligence is one of them. Artificial intelligence, which completes our words while writing something, gives us the directions we need, and suggests new movies for us to watch, is a technology that works for people and takes place in all areas of life. It enables computers and machines to mimic the human mind’s perception, learning, problem solving, and decision-making abilities. If you’re looking for new ways to delight your customers, Google Cloud is a great way to use artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence | AI) solutions.

Contact Center AI

Contact Center AI delivers natural interactions that redefine AI-powered conversations. Transform your contact center with AI technology. Starting from the first hello, increase not only your operational efficiency, but also customer satisfaction with personalized services. Improve customer service with AI that understands, engages, and speaks.

Turn your agents into superheroes

Provide real-time information, workflow, and step-by-step guidance so agents can focus on more difficult, specific calls.

Enable natural interactions with virtual agents

Deliver true-to-life customer experiences with multifaceted conversations built with deep learning technologies powered by the Google Assistant.

Empower your teams with actionable insights

Turn your conversations into insights with analytics and reporting that uncover attributes such as key call factors and customer sentiment.

Vertex AI

It provides a fully managed, end-to-end platform for data science and machine learning. It combines all the machine learning tools you need on a single AI platform. Build and scale machine learning models faster on a unified AI platform using pre-trained and custom tools.

Train without expertise

Build models faster using AutoML. Use Vertex AI with state-of-the-art, pre-trained APIs for computer vision, language, structured data, and speech.

Build advanced machine learning models with custom tools

Because it takes nearly 80% fewer lines of code than competing platforms to train a model thanks to its proprietary library, Vertex AI’s personalized model tools support advanced machine learning coding.

Manage your models with confidence

Tools like Vertex Pipelines, which streamlines machine learning process flows, and Vertex Feature Store, which offers, shares, and uses machine learning capabilities, simplify Vertex AI’s self-service model maintenance.

Document AI

Leverage your unstructured data to increase operational efficiency, improve the customer experience, and feed decision-making. Automate data collection at scale to reduce document processing costs.

Use document data to make better decisions and deliver them to your users through apps.

Automate and validate your data to make your workflows more efficient and free of guesswork.

Rely on Google’s security model and global infrastructure to keep your organization secure.

Use your documentation data to gain new insights about your products and meet customer expectations.

Data Science

Data Science provides all the analytics, machine learning tools, and data management you need to build insights from data. Data Science, which enables you to create value from data, enables your business to be smarter, brings your business to global standards and adds speed to your processes.

Discover valuable data sources

Process and analyze real-time or aggregated data from a variety of sources to make your data more useful and accessible from the moment it’s created.

Increase your speed and capacity

Enable your teams to ingest, store, and analyze large volumes and variety of data securely and cost-effectively.

Preprocess your data quickly and easily

Prepare your data with serverless and fully manageable services. Manage and share your designed features through a central repository.

Make strategic decisions based on data

Conduct exploration and analysis, and create dashboards with fully manageable tools. Customize your analytic environments to your needs.

Why Choose Google Cloud's AI Solutions?

  • Make faster decisions using data from your documents: Increase your operational efficiency by connecting structured data extracted from unstructured documents to your business applications and users.
  • Make sure your data is accurate and compliant: Automate and validate all your documents to create compliant workflows, reduce guesswork, and keep data accurate and compliant.
  • Use your data to meet customer expectations: Leverage insights to improve advocacy, lifetime value, and spend to meet customer expectations and increase satisfaction values (CSATs).