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Strengthen Your Business and Communication Processes with Weoll, the In-House Communication and Process Management Platform!

With mobile technologies and cloud computing becoming more ubiquitous in our lives, workplaces are being redefined as workspaces. Ways of doing business are changing, new conditions are being created for teams to collaborate. Companies and employees who can be physically distanced thanks to technology have the opportunity to communicate more and effectively thanks to technology.

With Weoll, the in-house communication and process management platform developed by the global IT team, we add value by strengthening the business and communication processes of companies seeking a new normal in the new working order, enabling them to increase employee loyalty and productivity. While designing even the most complicated, effortful and cost-intensive works in simple processes and making them ready for your use, Weoll settles in the heart of your institution thanks to flawless business processes and becomes an organic part of your organization with applications designed specifically for you.

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What Can You Do With Weoll?

Increase Employee Engagement and Satisfaction with the Corporate Portal.

  • Everything you need to build and manage an effective communication network within the organization is here! Your employees can have a dialogue with each other, other teams, and senior management from a single platform. Support collaboration and compliance in your organization, and increase employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Control Panel and Ready Tools
  • Guide
  • Organization Chart
  • Application Library
  • Video and Image Gallery
  • Page Designer
  • File Library
  • Resource Management

Transform Internal Communication into Dialogue with the Space for Communication and Collaboration.

  • Share the latest topics instantly and with everyone. Moreover, it is easy, fast and interactive, like the social networks that everyone is used to using. Turn internal communication from one-way to dialogue.
  • Announcement Management
  • We’Blog
  • Ready Tools
  • Survey Designer

Get Easy, Fast and Modern Business Processes with Business Process Management.

  • With user-friendly interfaces and drag-and-drop technology, easily create enterprise forms without software knowledge, create complex business processes in minutes, and deploy quickly. You can also use the ready-made processes that Weoll offers you. With data and real-time traffic information, you can help users find the best way to get from one point to another.
  • Form Designer
  • Process Designer
  • Workflow and Approval Flow
  • Ready Processes