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Alotech Success Story:

Better Performance with Google Cloud


Industry: Service (Call Center)

AloTech's Goals

Daily Processing Quantities:

2 Million

minute audio data

100 Terabytes

course of business analytics

1 Million


AloTech's Achievements

  • High cost, high maintenance legacy Digitization of platforms
  • Real-time communications for global expansionprocessing as
  • Low latency to customers wherever they areEnsuring the duration
  • Availability and continuity of the platform
  • Move quickly as you develop and perfect the platform
  • Getting rid of the work of setting up and managing machines
  • Enabling developers to focus on building the best product they can with managed infrastructure services
  • Provision of real-time voice services to customers around the world with very little delay
  • Rapidly scaling the number of queries processed by the call center platform
  • Enabling their clients to set up their own services within ten minutes of signing up
  • Run high-volume jobs with very little maintenance Use of powerful AI tools without the upfront costs of purchasing and configuring a large number of servers
  • With Google AI tools, saving employees time and allowing them to focus more on value-added work

The Role of Global IT

  • Ensuring that AloTech has quick access to the information it needs and that its requests are made by

    Google through close relationships with global Google teams.ensuring that it meets in some way
  • Increasing the momentum of AloTech, Serverless and PaaS projects with Open Source capabilities
  • Providing ongoing support (24/7)
  • Maximize the efficiency of Google Workspace and remote work culture

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Onsekiz İş Merkezi Ortaklar Caddesi Gardens
Sokak 18/4 Şişli İstanbul


Just one year after our founding in 2006, we became the first technology company to bring Google's cloud solutions to our country. For a long time, we carried this flag as the only authorized business partner in Turkey and to date, we have served more than 750 customers together with Google.