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Google Cloud Is the Leader Among Artificial Intelligence Platforms According to Forrester

  • Google Cloud is seen as the best solution for serverless Platform as a Service (PaaS).
  • Google Cloud has a superior global network.
  • Google Cloud offers much more than just cloud-based infrastructure. Vertex AI offers a number of tools, including Text-to-speech, Natural Language AI, and Dialogflow.
  • Google Cloud’s technology innovation has fueled various areas of the cloud-native ecosystem, primarily Kubernetes and Go languages, Istio for service mesh, Kubeflow for machine learning, Knative for serverless, and Tekton for CI/CD. Long-term investment and implementation in cloud-native power are a superior product vision and excellent supporting products and services.
  • Google Cloud comes with a robust network with a global reach and uses an easy-to-use environment for developers to work without the administrative expenses of a more traditional monolithic structure. This means they can focus their time and resources on coming up with new ideas and iterating on different structures as quickly as possible. This means more mature features for customers, such as self-service bots.

Source: Google Cloud Leads Among AI Platforms According to Forrester

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