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Education with Google For Education is For Everyone, Everywhere!

While only a quarter of the world’s population had access to the internet 10 years ago, in 2021, more than 5 billion people, in other words, two out of every 3 people, can benefit from the opportunities offered by the internet. The internet, which permeates life so much, and increasingly intelligent technologies are being put at the service of the education ecosystem with Google for Education in a rapidly digitalized era.

Google for Education, which provides cloud-based tools and services to be used by students, teachers and school administrators for distance or face-to-face education, paves the way for the development of device- and location-independent learning and collaboration methods, especially after the pandemic. While the applications, which have become a regular part of daily life, are moved to virtual or physical classrooms with Google for Education, the education system is also transforming digitally.

Meet the Google for Education experience today!

Why Use Google For Education?

In Primary and Secondary Education…

Google For Education’s shareable devices and collaborative tools help teachers prepare students in new, more interactive ways to build the skills they need for success.

In Higher Education…

Universities are colorful, complex ecosystems of learning and discovery spread across a variety of disciplines and campuses. Google For Education lets you manage this complexity, keeping everyone connected and productive.

Empower the Learning Ecosystem with Comprehensive Products!

Google Workspace For Education

Used by more than 170 million students and teachers worldwide, Google Workspace for Education (formerly G Suite for Education) elevates education with simple, flexible, and secure tools. It makes collaborating and lecturing easier, while keeping the learning environment safe.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free, hands-on tool that allows educators to effectively manage and assess their students’ progress, while also allowing students to better connect from school, at home, or on the go.

Google Meet

Teach anytime, anywhere with Google Meet, a secure and reliable video conferencing solution that helps build and connect school communities. Create classes; Host parent meetings, school-wide meetings, and more.


Integrate “Handouts” into your learning management system (LMS) to easily distribute, analyze, and grade student work. Grade more easily and quickly, guiding students so they can deliver their work in the best possible way.


With the “chromebook” designed to support every student, you get anywhere learning, simple deployment and management, accessible design for all students, and access the latest security updates.

Google Cloud

Take advantage of the powerful capabilities of Google’s cloud technologies to shape the future of research and education, and cross borders with a borderless platform.