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Google Cloud Next 2023: About What’s New Announced

Google Cloud Next 2023: Duyurulan Yenilikler Hakkında

As the Global IT team, the “Top 10” developments that we think will provide special benefits to you and your company are as follows:

One of the most prominent announcements of the event was the Duet AI service. With the power of Duet AI, it is now available for preview on Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace so that you can perform your work more comfortably and easily.

Vertex AI Search and Conversation (formerly known as “Enterprise Search on Generative AI App Builder” and “Conversational AI on Generative AI App Builder”) has become publicly available so you can build chatbots and search engines faster and easier.

By increasing the number of languages it supports to 38 and the token length to 32,000, PaLM 2 now offers the opportunity to work on longer documents with a single input.

You can increase the quality by up to 25% in the main supported languages with Codey, Google’s chat and code generation model that you can integrate either with the SDK or within your application.

Offering the ability to manage large Kubernetes deployments across multiple clusters and multiple teams worldwide from a single management console, GKE Enterprise will be especially useful for platform teams.

With the SQL and notebook infrastructure it provides, Bigquery Studio now allows you to carry out end-to-end data studies such as loading your data, creating data paths and predictive analysis through a single product, without having to switch between different platforms and coding languages.

With the Spark integration coming to Google Distributed Cloud, you can now perform faster analytical queries with your servers in data centers.

To Looker; In addition to Duet AI support, Tableau (preview) and Microsoft Power BI (public) semantic layer support are among the announced innovations.

A3 Virtual Machines, based on NVIDIA’s H100 GPUs and offered as GPU supercomputers, will be available to everyone starting in October. At this point, it is also shared that TPU V5e, which has up to 2 times higher training performance per dollar and up to 2.5 times inference performance per dollar for graduate and productive artificial intelligence models compared to Cloud TPU v4, is also available for preview.

Security teams will now be able to benefit from the conveniences provided by Duet AI in Mandiant Threat Intelligence, Chronicle Security Operations and Security Command Center products.

The Google Cloud Next 2023 event is behind us with all its excitement. You can access all 161 announcements shared at this event here.

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