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What is Domain Driven Design (DDD)?

One of the largest and most preferred areas in the use of software is the internet sector. One of the most preferred and widely used software design types in recent times in transactions over the Internet is Domain Driven Design (DDD) software design. This approach has been widely used in the internet industry and focuses on solving complex situations in software systems. It aims to combine business requirements and business area to provide a more understandable language and fluent use. Especially when used in complex business models, it addresses the operation and requirements of the business with a solution-oriented approach. Domain Driven Design proceeds by focusing on the “domain” part, which is the area where the websites are installed. It is used to investigate the business requirements in detail and to design a software that meets these requirements. This design approach is one of the most preferred and effectively used design methods of all time.

How to Use Domain Driven Design?

Domain Driven Design, which allows you to use it for the advanced internet sector and for your business to proceed in a more orderly manner, creates a software according to the requirements required for your business by researching complex business needs. Domain Driven Design, which needs to be done carefully, is preferred for your work to proceed in a more comfortable and more focused way. One of the main reasons why the use of language is important is that it stands out with its comfortable work presentation. The fact that there is a common language between the business unit and the software team plays an important role in reflecting it in the software language.

If you have a complex business plan, another rule to follow when it comes to using Domain Driven Design is Limited Contexts. Bounded context is known for dividing a business area that is complex and large into smaller, more available areas.

Because of these issues, which many people usually do not pay attention to, many of the studies have been interrupted.

With Field Events, it is very important that events that are important throughout the business process can be listened to with different components. In this way, it ensures that other components can be easily rested without disturbing the structure. One of the sine qua non of the use of Domain Driven Design is field events.

Many different techniques can be found when using Domain Driven Design. The use of techniques is convenient for the smooth operation of programs. Domain Driven Design is a Space-Oriented Design technique used to define relationships and connections between limited contexts, along with the Context Mapping technique during its use. Thanks to the context mapping technique, you can quickly identify business requirements, more comfortably identifying limited contexts.

What should be considered when using Domain Driven Design?

Domain Driven Design, which you have provided comfortable and comfortable use, allows you to work in a space-oriented way and define your business requirements more comfortably. There are many different situations that you should pay attention to when using DDD. Along with the things to be considered, you can ensure an active and comfortable use as long as an appropriate use is provided.

  • One of the most important things to consider when using Domain Driven Design is the creation of a space model. Field modeling is a structure that reveals the business process, relationships, and concepts. This model, which has formed the basis of software, is an important structure because it reflects the business requirements to its users. In order for the software to be used in a longer-term manner, the field model must be designed properly and understandably.
  • Another thing you should pay attention to when using it is that you should make Limited Context determinations. Limited Contexts breaks down a complex business plan into parts for a more comfortable understanding. It is worth noting the boundaries between the Bounded Context and other contexts, which are preferred according to their field, divisions and language.
  • The importance of designing aggregates correctly is very important when using Domain Driven Design. Aggregates with Aggregate Root, which have been used to ensure interaction with the outside world, are almost similar to the situation. By accurately identifying aggregates, it allows you to create a more comfortable structure to the requirements of work. In order for your work to progress flawlessly, it is useful to pay special attention to Aggregates and Aggregate Roots.
  • In cases where there are a lot of technical structures, Domain Driven Design encourages keeping the technical structures on the outside after its use. With full focus on business processes and business requirements, you can keep technical details to a minimum. With the technical complexity kept on the outside, you can create a more comfortable business-oriented software design. Along with staying away from complexity, it makes the software more sustainable as a more flexible structure.

These situations, which should be considered during the use of Domain Driven Design, can lead to a healthier and smoother work performance

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