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Media & Advertising & Entertainment Industries and Cloud

How Do They Benefit from Cloud Technologies?

Technological advances that we found surprising when it was just sprouting are now rooted in every aspect of life like a giant tree and have become a natural part of the flow. While technology makes our lives easier and more practical in the individual sense, it also maintains its quality as a golden door to development and success for all sectors in the business world. Cloud computing is one of the concepts that have entered our lives with technological developments. In this article, after briefly touching on what exactly cloud computing is, we will explain what it can bring to institutions and companies in the media, advertising and entertainment sector.

What is Cloud Computing?

Even if you’ve never heard of the concept of cloud technology, you must have used it at least a few times in your life. We can briefly answer the question of what exactly it is in the form of virtualization of all data that can be stored in the computer environment through the Internet and stored in a digital warehouse. Imagine that all the visuals, audio and text files on your computer, tablet or mobile device are stored in a cloud and you can access them wherever you want, wherever you are in the world. If we need to make it a little more concrete, the environment where our e-mail correspondence and all the files we share during these correspondences are stored can be given as an example of cloud technology services.

Why Media, Advertising and Entertainment Industries Should Use Cloud Technology

The media, advertising and entertainment sectors are among the areas where digitalization is most needed. Because periodicals such as newspapers and magazines leave their place to media platforms where up-to-date content is published on every subject.

Televisions and radios that have been in the corner of homes for years; it loses its popularity in the face of digital platforms that publish all kinds of cruising content, millions of musical titles and podcasts. All visual and audio works of art can reach enthusiasts all over the world without the need for large organizations. This makes more sense when we consider that people of almost all ages now have access to smart mobile devices or computers and spend a significant part of the day browsing the internet.

When the media, advertising and entertainment sectors are considered within the same framework in terms of their target audiences and focuses, digitalization allows these three sectors to reach a much wider audience with less cost and effort. All visual or audio broadcasts in the media and entertainment industry must first come to life in the digital world before they can reach millions through the internet. In the same way, all studies in the advertising sector must first be converted into internet data in order to reach the target audience. Cloud technology ensures that all these products are transferred to the digital world and stored there and delivered to the target audience.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing in the Media, Advertising and Entertainment Industry?

Cloud technology; It is much more than a digitalization tool for the media, advertising and entertainment industries. Generating and distributing large volumes of data and

In these sectors, which have to keep their performance above certain standards, using cloud computing brings many advantages. Let’s take a look at the benefits of cloud technology in the media, advertising and entertainment industries.

1. Scalability

One of the biggest advantages of cloud technology services in all industries is their scalability. Fixed data storage tools involve high costs when the volume needs to be expanded, but cloud technology is much more flexible. Scalable storage volume allows data to be stored securely and throughput not to be disrupted. Especially in sectors that produce variable volumes of data according to the demand received, such as media, advertising and entertainment, expanding and contracting the storage volume according to the need means both responding to user demands more successfully and reducing the cost.

2. Low Cost

The necessary hardware in Internet-based data transfer can cause high bills for companies. Moreover, other financial expenses such as maintenance, development, refurbishment and power consumption of this equipment are subsequently incurred.

Cloud computing services do not require such hardware. The entire flow is effortlessly handled by the cloud technology service that the company has agreed with. In addition, in cloud service services, companies buy as many services as they need and pay as they use. This helps to reduce the cost.

3. Respond faster to competition in the market

Consumer demand in the media, advertising and entertainment industries is volatile and unpredictable. Therefore, companies have a say in the competition within the sector

To become owners, they need to dominate the market and respond to new demands as soon as possible.

With traditional methods, increasing the volume of data, producing high volumes of content, and streaming that content can take a lot of time. Cloud computing services offer flexibility and practicality to the company. Thanks to special plans such as cloud data storage, cloud video streaming, the demand in the market can be met in a much shorter time.

4. Global Access Reliability

For the media, advertising and entertainment industries, the smooth distribution of the product or service throughout the country and internationally is crucial. In traditional methods, servers are located in certain regions within the company and delays, interruptions, various disruptions in broadcasting become commonplace.

This situation not only adversely affects the satisfaction of the target audience, but may also cause the publisher to have to make serious payments as a result of its inability to fulfill the advertising agreements it has made. Cloud technology, on the other hand, offers larger data volumes, reducing the load on broadcast capacity while at the same time positioning cloud media servers all over the world. In this way, a live sports event can reach its audience smoothly with minimal delay.

In the digitalization process, which has become a necessity for all sectors, you can add power to your company by taking advantage of cloud computing services. To configure your company dynamics with the support of an expert and reliable business partner and to manage the whole process flawlessly, you can contact Weoll immediately.

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