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Google Anthos Success Stories Today!

Which global brands use Google Anthos?

At the heart of Google’s hybrid cloud approach, Google Anthos is used today by industries ranging from telecommunications to retail, finance to media. In this article, we take a look at the stories of companies that have achieved success in their digital transformation processes using the hybrid cloud management platform Google Anthos.

Google Anthos, which is at the center of the hybrid and multi-cloud approach announced by Google in late 2021, is today positioned as an indispensable part of the cloud strategies of businesses of different scales in many sectors from retail to finance, from media to sports. Google Anthos, the multi-cloud management platform we have mentioned in detail in our article, is briefly defined as a managed hybrid cloud platform that focuses on workload distribution within on-premises and across public clouds such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and AWS. With Anthos, companies are not only moving to cloud platforms, but also modernizing their transformation.

Before moving on to the companies that have achieved success in their digital transformation using Google Anthos, let’s briefly recall the advantages of the platform according to Forrester research.

Advantages of Google Anthos in numbers

The tangible benefits of Google Anthos, which enables businesses to develop, secure and manage applications at scale in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, are listed in the report prepared by Forrester as follows:

● Businesses that invest in Anthos can get up to 4.8 times the return on their investment.

● Anthos provides businesses with a 40% to 55% increase in operational efficiency.

● From the perspective of application migration and modernization, Anthos users see 58% to 75% gains.

● In addition to a 60% to 96% improvement in the productivity of security tasks, developers’ non-coding activities are also reduced by 23% to 38% thanks to Anthos.

Which global brands use Google Anthos?

Today, Google Anthos is preferred by the prominent brands of their regions in many geographies from Turkey to Japan, from Europe to the USA. In this part of the article, we will talk about how brands from different industries such as DenizBank, PLAID and HSBC benefit from the opportunities of Google Anthos respectively.

Google Anthos — DenizBank success story

With the demand of its young population, whose average age is measured as 30, and the increasing interest in online services, Turkey is turning to online platforms for its financial needs. As one of Turkey’s five largest private banks, DenizBank uses innovative technologies to enhance the experience of its customers. Dilek Duman, the former COO of the brand, expresses DenizBank’s vision for digital and the gains they have achieved with Google preferences as follows:

“Our goal is to create an integrated and cohesive banking platform that puts customers at the heart of what we do. With Google Cloud and Anthos, we’ve achieved powerful functionality and operational efficiencies on the backend of our software to deliver the best to our customers.”

DenizBank responds to this vision in practice with the choice of Google Anthos. DenizBank, which scales its private cloud application environment through Anthos in order to innovate faster and respond to customer demands in a timely manner, saves time for its IT team and succeeds in offering a more stable banking application to its customers.

In the project where Google Cloud and Anthos solutions are used together, DenizBank’s biggest gain is that it can manage traffic up to 5 times easier due to customer demands that intensify during holiday periods.

Dilek Duman, who came across the Anthos solution at Google Cloud Next ’19, says, “We were immediately interested because we saw how Anthos can help us manage and grow our systems efficiently.” DenizBank, which is among the first beta customers of Anthos, has been carrying out the processes of adapting to the changing mobile banking regulations more easily since the day it moved to Anthos.

In the success story on the Google website, it is stated that DenizBank saved time and money by using Anthos, while the solution is easily scalable and responds to security and update needs. By switching to the Anthos solution, DenizBank has the opportunity to direct employees who manage busy times to more value-added roles.

Google Anthos — PLAID success story

We have mentioned that Anthos is preferred by companies from different sectors. Based in Japan, PLAID is positioned as a company that develops products to maximize the value people benefit from through data and improve the customer experience.

KARTE, a customer platform that can analyze the behavior and emotions of website visitors and application users, is known as the main product developed by the company. PLAIDs offers KARTE for industries such as human resources, real estate, finance, and more, and the platform is run in a multi-cloud environment. That’s where Google Anthos comes in.

Here’s how KARTE is used by customers: One group runs the management screens, while the other provides content to site visitors. The management system runs on Google Cloud on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), while the content side is delivered via Compute Engine.

Anthos helps GKE run in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. Naohiko Takemura, head of PLAID engineering, and Kosuke Oya, an engineer, sum up their achievements with Anthos with these words:

“We now understand the benefits of multi-cloud, including faster development processes and higher availability. We encourage businesses to take a multi-cloud approach. For us, multi-cloud allows us to provide large-scale data analysis in real time. Going forward, we want to see what other products Google Cloud has that can help take our business to a higher level.”

Google Anthos — HSBC success story

Another brand that benefits from Google Anthos globally is HSBC. Anthos offers opportunities as a managed cloud service to accelerate application modernization. HSBC is among the first adopters of Anthos, the first open application modernization platform focused on delivering a unified control plane and service for managed cloud, on-premises and edge work environments.

For HSBC, one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations, a managed cloud environment and hybrid cloud strategy that reduces the complexity and costs of big data analytics is crucial. Darryl West, CIO of HSBC Group, said: “At HSBC, we needed a consistent platform to deploy both on-premises and in the cloud. Google Cloud’s software-based approach to managing hybrid environments has provided us with an innovative, differentiated solution .”

Describing HSBC’s journey to Google Cloud at Google Next ’19, Darryl West shares a case study of global liquidity reporting. Noting that with HSBC’s legacy infrastructure, daily liquidity reporting takes 9 to 14 hours and monthly calculations take 40 hours, West emphasizes that this process can be completed in 2.5 to 3 hours when they adopt Google Cloud.

Retail companies are also transforming with Google Cloud

Google is also adapting its solutions that run on the cloud platform to industry verticals. Solutions adapted for retail can respond to the diverse needs of retail companies, from generating omnichannel revenue to evolving into a customer-centric brand. Using mobile apps that are accessed by large numbers of users and run heavy workloads, retail companies can easily modernize, build new ones, and run their existing applications flexibly and securely with the Anthos hybrid and multi-cloud platform.

Global IT, Google’s oldest and only Premier partner in Turkey, uses Anthos to transform the business of customers in Turkey and the region, which stands out with its location-independent, faster and controlled working benefits. Google Anthos provides a consistent platform for cloud native applications, enabling rapid deployment of all enterprise applications, whether cloud or local, with managed Kubernetes services.

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