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Effectively manage your data in the cloud:

Google Cloud BigQuery Serverless, Scalable, Cost-Effective Multi-Cloud Data Warehouse: Google BigQuery

Just like people, businesses need an objective evaluation of multiple premises when making decisions. Only in this way can the right decisions be made. As things get more complex, the number of premises increases, and the correct processing of data becomes even more critical. That’s where BigQuery, Google’s serverless, highly scalable, and cost-effective multi-cloud data warehouse technology, comes in.

Have you thought about how your decision-making processes work in your daily life, what stages they go through, how you reach the final decision on any issue? From big, career- and lifestyle-influencing decisions to which path to take to get to your destination, many decisions are the result of evaluating various premises. Let’s say you’re choosing a detergent during a grocery shopping.

Your friend may have been a reference to a product being good, or you may like the smell of another product. While another grabs your attention with its price, one of these three products comes with a small gift. At this point, you evaluate all the data you have and try to rationally choose the most advantageous one for you.

Let’s change the example and focus on the process of choosing your preferred path to get to your destination this time. First you check the traffic situation from a navigation app, then maybe you try to remember the condition of the respective road and driving comfort. Each of the findings you obtain plays a decisive role in your decisions.

Rest assured, businesses are experiencing similar decision-making processes. That’s why a lot of data on business processes, customer feedback, procurement and inventory statuses or operational competencies are used in decision-making processes.

As processes become more complex, so does the amount of precursors obtained, which requires more data to be processed under more objective conditions. Allocating human resources to this does not seem very rational in an age where efficiency is essential. Fortunately, cloud technologies offer the possibilities to eliminate human effort in these processes.

If the question “How?” has come to life in your mind after our previous sentence, don’t worry, you are in the right place. As Global IT, Google’s first cloud solution partner in Turkey, in this article, we focus on BigQuery, a serverless, cost-advantageous, highly scalable multi-cloud data warehouse solution that accelerates decision-making processes and brings agility to businesses.

When you read the whole post, you will see the question “What is BigQuery?” “What are the benefits of BigQuery?” You’ll get answers to questions like, “How to use BigQuery in retail?” If you’re ready, let’s get started.

What is Google Cloud BigQuery?

BigQuery is Google Cloud’s enterprise data warehousing solution designed to streamline data collection, storage, analysis, and visualization . Today’s agile organizations use data warehousing technologies that aggregate, process, analyze, and accelerate strategic decision-making with vast amounts of data from disparate data sources. BigQuery, a serverless, cost-effective, and highly scalable data warehousing solution, can gain meaningful insights using real-time data streams, whether in patterns or not.

BigQuery as a managed service provides an environment where Google takes full ownership of infrastructure processes and allows businesses to focus on analyzing petabyte-scale data sets. It also supports machine learning with BigQuery ML, giving businesses the option to develop machine learning models using their enterprise data. In addition, BigQuery can work with Looker, Google’s solution focused on data visualization, helping to turn raw data into meaningful visual output, while integrating with Data Studio, Connected Sheets and other business intelligence applications in the ecosystem.

Google Cloud BigQuery basics

BigQuery provides a secure and scalable platform with built-in machine learning, making it possible to use insights from data in the cloud to power business decisions with a flexible , multicloud analytics solution. With a 27% greater three-year total cost of ownership than other alternatives, BigQuery can easily accommodate datasets of any size, from bits to petabytes, with zero operational overhead.

Machine learning and predictive modeling with BigQuery ML: BigQuery ML enables data scientists and data analysts to build and run machine learning models on structured or semi-structured data in a fraction of the time using simple SQL (Structured Query Language) functions.

Multi-cloud data analytics with BigQuery Omni: BigQuery Omni is a flexible, managed multi-cloud analytics solution that enables cost-effective and secure analysis of data residing in clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. With BigQuery, companies can analyze datasets from different clouds on a single platform.

• Interactive data analysis with BigQuery BI Engine: BigQuery BI Engine, an in-memory analytics service built into the BigQuery solution, enables users to interactively analyze large, complex data sets with a query response time of less than a second and high concurrency.

• Geospatial analysis with BigQuery GIS: BigQuery GIS combines BigQuery’s serverless architecture with native support for geospatial analysis, so analytical workflows can be further powered by location intelligence.

What are the benefits of the BigQuery solution?

The key benefits of Google’s BigQuery solution for businesses that want to turn data into meaningful insights at any scale can be summarized in three categories.

Gain insights with real-time and predictive analytics

By analyzing data flows in real time, you can get up-to-date information on all business processes. Without moving your data, you can transform your datasets from any platform into meaningful models with the technology that makes machine learning accessible.

Easily access data and share results

Designed to align with user instincts and behavioral patterns and can be used without extensive technical knowledge, BigQuery enables you to access and securely access your company’s analytical insights with a few clicks. With BigQuery, you can make the data you get clearer with visualization tools and produce stunning reports.

Leave data security concerns behind

BigQuery’s highly available and 99.99% uptime infrastructure allows you to run your business with confidence. With default encryption and user-based encryption, your data belongs to you alone.

How Google BigQuery is transforming retail

Google BigQuery stands out as a usable solution for any business that uses machine learning models, feeds data from many sources, and cares about business intelligence applications. This means that companies that keep their data in one or more cloud data warehouses can take advantage of the capabilities of Google BigQuery. The retail industry is positioned as one of the industries that will benefit the most from BigQuery, such as omnichannel sales and complex supply chains. Let’s prove this argument to be true by exemplifying the gains made by a world-famous multinational brand like P&G.

P&G, which was founded in the US in 1837 and is the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to consumer retail with its 185-year history, is considered among the companies that advocate the multi-cloud environment. Partnering with Google Cloud to store and analyze brand and marketing information, the global giant prefers to store consumer information in a common channel called a data lake, which allows the brand to create omnichannel consumer journeys.

P&G also uses BigQuery, Google Cloud’s enterprise data warehouse, which has the ability to work with different visualization tools, to visualize and share its data with large audiences. The data that BigQuery collects, analyzes, and converts into meaningful outputs is reflected in the nature of the consumer products P&G develops. By creating more personalized products and thereby strengthening consumer ties, the company is leveraging the capabilities of BigQuery in many of its consumer-focused products, from toothbrushes that help users improve their cleaning routines, to diapers that help track babies’ sleep habits and more.

Meet the power of BigQuery in Global IT

Global IT, positioned as the first cloud solution partner of cloud and managed services giant Google in Turkey, makes the entire Google solution portfolio, including BigQuery, accessible to many organizations interested in Google products, especially companies in Turkey. As the end-to-end provider of Google Cloud solutions in Turkey, Global IT, which has moved more than 700 companies to the cloud for 15 years and has signed more than 3,300 successful projects, accompanies many brands from Hepsiburada, Sefamerve, Alotech to Modanisa in their digital transformation projects.

If you’d like to discover what BigQuery and other Google Cloud solutions have to offer for your business, you can contact us through the contact form below.

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