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Google Cloud Leads Container Platforms According to Forrester

  • Google Cloud; The optimal solution for companies looking for comprehensive, cloud-native capabilities for distributed workloads spanning public cloud, private cloud, and multi-cloud environments.
  • Google Cloud scored highest in the criteria of service and application catalogs, microservices development support, service mesh support, serverless FaaS support, DevOps automation, container image support, control plane configuration, hybrid cloud support, container network, product vision, products and services, market approach, revenue and breadth of offerings.
  • Google Cloud received the highest score in the strategy category of all the vendors evaluated.
  • Google Cloud has a robust innovation roadmap, all inclusive and cloud-native in containers, as well as cloud-native. In addition, it aims for simplicity at scale for businesses and customers.

    Source: Google Cloud Leads Among Container Platforms According to Forrester

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