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Modernize Your Applications with Google Anthos!

There’s nothing technology isn’t in anymore. In particular, technologies that penetrate every point of business life cause the data and applications used to increase day by day and the environments where they will be hosted to grow. Companies can store their digital assets on physical servers or in the cloud, but monitoring, managing, and modernizing complex structures is both difficult and costly. Google Anthos offers a managed application platform that extends Google’s cloud services and engineering applications across your diverse environments so you can modernize applications faster and create operational consistency between them. You can create, host, and optimize your apps from anywhere in a simple, flexible, and secure way. You can have consistent development and operational experience for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. You can achieve up to 4.8x return on investment in 3 years.

Why Choose Google Anthos?

Enterprise-grade container orchestration and management service

Google Anthos allows you to run Kubernetes clusters anywhere, whether in the cloud or on a server. In addition to Google-validated updates, you can get a consistent managed Kubernetes experience with simple setups. You can run Google Anthos on your existing virtualized infrastructure and bare metal servers. With Google Anthos, you can simplify your application stacks, reduce licensing costs, and accelerate your time to learn new skills.

Automatic policy and safe settings

You can define and automate your policies to be applied across environments to meet the unique security and compliance requirements of your organization. With Anthos Config Management, you can evaluate changes and propagate them to all Kubernetes clusters so that the state you want is always reflected.

Fully managed service mesh

With Anthos Service Mesh, you can monitor your application performance, manage traffic between services during troubleshooting and optimization, and ease the burden on operations and development teams by authorizing them to ensure security.

Modern security

With Google Anthos, you can integrate security into every stage of the application lifecycle, starting with development. In hybrid and multi-cloud environments, you can create a detailed security strategy with comprehensive controls.

Infrastructure modernization

With Migrate to Anthos, you can easily migrate to Google Anthos, minimizing the manual work of migrating and converting existing applications to containers. You can easily move and modernize your existing workload to containers in the secure, managed Kubernetes service.

Labor and cost savings

After installation, you can move to a modern CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment) layout, image-based management, and the desired configuration, saving you the labor and costs associated with maintaining and updating virtual machines and physical servers.

Anywhere without a server

With Cloud Run for Anthos, which provides a flexible platform for serverless development, you can deploy your workloads to Anthos clusters running on the server or in Google Cloud with the same consistent experience. Cloud Run for Anthos is powered by Knative, the open-source technology that enables serverless workloads to be hosted on Kubernetes.

Ready to use

Google Cloud’s Kubernetes applications offer portability, simplified licensing, consolidated billing, and ready-to-use enterprise solutions with pre-built templates.

Effortless traffic management

Traffic Director offers a fully managed traffic control plane for the service mesh. By distributing your global loads across clusters and virtual machines in multiple regions, you can balance them and configure your complex traffic control policies.

Performance monitoring

With Google Cloud’s suite of operations, you can gain visibility into the performance, uptime, and overall health of cloud-powered applications. You can collect metrics, logs across Google Cloud and your applications, and use built-in, out-of-the-box dashboards and views to monitor the platform and applications.

Why Use Google Anthos?

Location independent

You can manage your apps in any environment from anywhere! Google Anthos provides a consistent platform for all your cloud-native applications, both legacy and native, while providing a service-centric view of all your environments.


You can deliver your software faster! Managed Kubernetes services let you build all your enterprise applications faster, whether they’re in the cloud or on a local server.


You can easily secure your apps! Google Anthos is programmatically, results-driven for managing policies for apps across environments, bringing awareness and control over the health and performance of your services.