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70% reduction in GPU cost for AI applications


Industry: Application Development

Codeway's Goals

Even if the number of users reaches millions, it provides a seamless experience to its users

Rapidly develop new applications without wasting unnecessary resources on manual tasks such as infrastructure maintenance while keeping costs low

Collection of user behavior in applications to optimize and personalize the user experience

Migrating to an easy-to-use data warehouse to build data analytics platforms

Codeway's Benefits

70% reduction of GPU cost for AI applications!

Scale applications from 0 to 1 million users in days by optimizing GPU usage in Google Cloud

Analyzing 6 TB of data per day with BigQuery

Continuous improvement in applications according to user models with data analysis

The Role of Global IT

  • The use of Google Cloud technologies and the cloud
  • Maximize Optimize Spend
  • Providing financial and regulatory support
  • With CSM (Customer Success Manager) support, in every field,
  • Closely Monitoring and Informing
  • Developing solutions tailored to Codeway’s needs

Global IT really acts as part of the Codeway. Whether our problem is general or urgent, Global IT is always our first point of call, and they really drive our work forward with Google Cloud.

Ugur Arpaci | DevOps Team Leader

Ugur Arpaci | DevOps Team Leader

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Onsekiz İş Merkezi Ortaklar Caddesi Gardens
Sokak 18/4 Şişli İstanbul


Just one year after our founding in 2006, we became the first technology company to bring Google's cloud solutions to our country. For a long time, we carried this flag as the only authorized business partner in Turkey and to date, we have served more than 750 customers together with Google.