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Alotech ile
Google Cloud İşbirliği

Alotech established the Call Center Studio of its first 100% Google Cloud based call center. Call Center Studio, a highly scalable, reliable, AI-powered contact center solution for customers worldwide, uses Google Kubernetes Engine.

A Cloud-Based Call Center Platform

Call Center Studio

“We needed a global solution for global expansion. Because we run communication processes in real time, we need to be able to serve our customers wherever they are with low latencies. The connectivity options offered by Google Cloud are the best we’ve come across in this space.”

İdris Avcı, CTO and Co-Founder

Call Center Studio chose to stay on Google Cloud because of its superior global network and the ease of work it provides to developers. The company has designed a new infrastructure based on microservices running on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) clusters.

One of the advantages of cloud-based infrastructure compared to the on-premises stack is the ability to use powerful AI tools without the upfront costs of purchasing and configuring a large number of servers. Using a set of tools in the Google Cloud suite, Call Center Studio offers self-service processes that automatically hear, understand, and respond quickly to customer requests, allowing customer service representatives to focus their attention on more complex tasks.

Call Center Studio now has an infrastructure that can scale quickly as the company grows. In the last three years, the amount of sound the company processes has doubled, reaching 2 million minutes per day. While Call Center Studio’s main focus is conversation, chat-based interactions across various platforms and social media have been the fastest-growing part of the company’s portfolio in recent years, with more than a million messages processed per day.