With WEOLL (Corporate Communication & Business Process Management Platform)
Reinforce Your Business and Communications!

As mobile technologies and cloud have more place in our information life, they are redefined as business workplaces. Ways of doing business are changing, new conditions are being created in which teams can cooperate. Enterprises and employees physically who can move away thanks to technology, now have more opportunities and efficient way to communicate again thanks to technology. With in-house communication and process management platform Weoll, developed by Global IT team, we reinforce and add value to business and communication processes, and raise the opportunity to improve employee loyalty and efficiency. 

While redesigning the most complicated, effort and cost-required works into simple processes and making them ready to use, Weoll's flawless business processes become the core of your institution and via customized applications, it becomes an organic part of your institution.

What Can You Do With Weoll?

Everything you need to establish and manage an effective in-house communication network is here! Your employees can establish a dialog between themselves, with other teams and upper management from a single platform. Support cooperation and compliance in your institution, improve employee loyalty and satisfaction. 

  • Control Panel and Ready to Use Tools
  • Guide
  • Organization Scheme
  • Application Library
  • Video and Image Gallery
  • Page Designer
  • File Library
  • Resource Management
Improve Employee Loyalty and Satisfaction via Corporate Portal.

Share the latest topics instantly with everyone. Moreover, it's easy, fast and interactive just like the social media that everyone’s accustomed to use. Save in-house communication from becoming one way and turn it into dialogue.

  • Announcement Management
  • We’Blog
  • Ready to Use Tools
  • Survey Designer
Via Communication and Collaboration Zone, Turn In-House Communication Into Dialogue.

With user friendly interface and drag&drop technology, create corporate forms without software knowledge, quickly create and deploy complex business processes in minutes. You can also use preformed processes presented by Weoll. You can help users to find the best way to go from one point to another via data and real-time traffic information.

  • Form Designer
  • Process Designer
  • Business and Approval Flow
  • Built-in Processes
Attain Easy, Fast, And Modern Business Processes With Business Process Management.

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Why You Should Use Weoll?

Employees in the field, working in the production, at the office, working remotely... As a human resources team, you can attain an all-embracing communication and workplace now. You can favorably transform your business manners for the digital age. You can customize your corporate portal to your needs, allow everyone to use without the need of another team, coding and training. You can quickly attain instant solutions that will help you create or enrich working culture within your enterprise now. You can improve business processes, easily develop new ones without requiring the support of IT. You can enrich employee experience, lower the employee turnover rate of your enterprise by improving the employee satisfaction.

As the corporate communication team, you can share the latest available version of corporate introduction tools such as logo, corporate identity, visual, video anytime with all of your employees. You can easily edit your corporate portal to reflect your corporate identity. You can simultaneously carry events made to external shareholders, bulletins distributed to press and, interviews of your supervisors within the institution. You can attain a corporate portal that exactly answers your enterprise’s fast and dynamic communication cycle.

Store, dealer, outlet or field... You can reach all managers and workers who are generally working outside general management, generally mobile, and some of which has no desks from their personal mobile phones. While separately keeping corporate and personal data safe, you can share corporate information and announcements in real time and interact now. While your employees manage all tools easily just like using social media, they can receive training from this platform as well.

It is possible to monitor all production stages starting from purchasing raw materials and samples to be used in production and making them more agile and controllable. Manufacturing processes that move by literally signing of files and documents manually on paper until today are now easily monitored in the digital environment!

You can easily bring together thousands of employees of holdings that have many companies under the same roof in the same environment. You can create space for the cooperation of group companies and to communicate more with customizable tools answering the needs of every company.

You can provide employees to easily access authorized corporate documents from a common area. Generated documents are published with versions after the approval process and, sent to related groups as "reading assignment". Results are monitored by reporting tools and outputs that will contribute to performance evaluation. 

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