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Benefit From Every Location!

In the past years, the maps we used to discover cities, countries, continents and oceans have become digitized as technology developed and became an essential part of our life. Today, maps are in every aspect of our lives, not only to plot routes for a long or short journey from one point to another, but also from vehicle tracking to deliveries, from customer experience to the gaming industry, from insurance and finance to logistics. Furthermore, smart maps or memory of the maps are at your service with Google Maps Platform's global coverage area of 99%... 

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Why you should use Google Maps Platform?

  • With its global coverage area of 99%, you can use reliable and up-to-date data from 200 million places and businesses in more than 200 countries and regions, and nearly 65 million kilometres of roads.
  • You can access to accurate and real time location data with daily 50 million updates.
  • You can securely conduct scaling with monthly 1 billion active users.


countries and region


200 million

200 million

place and business


64+ Million

64+ Million

kilometres of road

50 Million

50 Million

updates / daily

1 Billion

1 Billion

active user / month

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What can you do with Google Maps Platform?

You can design personalized and agile experiences bringing the real world to users with custom maps and street view.

  • Visualize the world with rich maps.
  • Customize your maps.
  • Present clear and simple maps.
  • Design rich, engaging maps.


With real time traffic data and comprehensive data you can help users to find the best route for users to reach one destination to another.

  • Get reliable routes anywhere in the world.
  • Create efficient routes to enrich customer experience and reduce the costs.
  • Even in busy hours keep your workforce in motion.
  • While making growth plans, trust to Google's scale.


You can help users to discover the world with rich location data over 200 million places.

  • Provide better services with sensitive location intelligence.
  • Benefit from comprehensive location data anywhere in the world.
  • Help users to discover the world around them.

Sectoral Solutions

You can benefit from predictable pricing per driving and real time data for worldwide journey and delivery route.

  • Provide your drivers navigate from your application.
  • Notify your customers instantly with the live location feature.
  • Optimize the driver planning.
  • Suggest faster and more reliable routes.
On-demand rides and deliveries

You can create fascinating games that reflect the real world with Unity through up to date data on a global scale, with millions of customizable 3D structures.

  • Create fascinating experiences around the world.
  • Customize entirely your games.
  • Design interesting and rich games that reflect the world.



You can make your business processes more efficient by identifying the location of your vehicles and assets in real time, visualizing their journey routes and determining routes for vehicles under complex journey programs.

  • Create efficient routes for the most complex fleet courses.
  • Track and visualize your assets linked with pinpoint location data.
  • Take advantage of accurate location data anywhere in the world.
Asset tracking
You can help customers to find the best shop for themselves and complete experiences as soon as possible.

Attract more customers to your shop.

  • Show the best shop to visit.
  • Help customers to find you.
  • Keep visitors on your website.

Accelerate the way to payment.

  • Increase the sales by simplifying the payment.
  • Save time and money with the correct address.
  • Understand your customers better.

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