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There is nothing that doesn't include technology now. Especially technologies that diffuse every part of business life, cause the increase of data and applications used every day, and growth in environments where they will be stored. Enterprises can store their digital assets in physical servers or cloud, but monitoring, managing and modernizing complex structures are both difficult and costly. Google Anthos presents a managed application platform that expands Google's cloud services and engineering applications in your different environments to modernize applications faster and ensure operational consistency among themselves. You can simply, flexibly and securely create, store and optimize your applications everywhere. You can get consistent development and operational experience for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. You can obtain up to 4.8 times of investment income in 3 years.

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Why You Should Use Google Anthos?

Independent from place

Independent from place

You can manage your applications everywhere in every environment! Google Anthos provides a consistent platform for all your applications, both legacy and cloud native, while offering a service centered view of all your environments.



You can deliver your software faster! Managed Kubernetes services, be it present on cloud or local server, allow faster creation of corporate applications.



You can easily provide security of your applications! Providing a programmed, solution-oriented approach to manage policies intended at applications at different environments, bring more awareness and control related to your services' soundness and performance.

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Why Should You Choose Google Anthos?

Google Anthos, allows you to execute Kubernetes clusters everywhere regardless of cloud or server. Aside from validated updates provided by Google, you can get a consistent experience from managed Kubernetes with simple installations. You can execute Google Anthos under existing virtualized infrastructure and bare metal hosts. You can simplify application stacks, reduce licensing costs and decrease the time of obtaining new skills with Google Anthos.


You may define and automate policies to be applied between environments to supply your institution's unique security and compatibility needs. Through Anthos Config Management you can evaluate changes and generalize all these Kubernetes clusters to always reflect the desired situation.


Via the Anthos Service Mesh you can monitor application performance, manage the traffic between services during troubleshooting and improvement, authorize on ensuring security to reduce the workload of operations and development teams.


With Google Anthos you can integrate security to every step of application lifespan starting from development. You can create a detailed security strategy with detailed controls in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.


With Migrate Anthos, you can easily migrate to Google Anthos, and you can minimize the manual work required to move and transform existing applications into containers. You can easily transfer and modernize the existing workload to secure and managed Kubernetes containers at service.

By migrating to the desired configuration and image-based management and modern CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) layout after installation, you can save labor and costs related to the maintenance and upgrade of virtual machines and physical servers.

Via Cloud Run for Anthos, that provides a flexible platform to develop serverless, you can deliver your workloads to host or Anthos clusters working on Google Cloud with same consistent experience. Cloud Run for Anthos is supported by open source technology Knative that allows workloads without a host to be in Kubernetes.

Google Cloud's Kubernetes applications also provide ready to use corporate solutions that have preformed templates aside from portability, simplified licensing and consolidated billing functions.

Traffic Director provides a fully managed traffic control plane for service mesh. You can stabilize your global workload by distributing it to fragments and virtual machines in many regions and configure your complex traffic control policies.

With Google Cloud's operation package, you can get visibility about the performance of cloud-based applications, operating time and overall health. You can gather log records and metrics throughout Google Cloud and applications, and use the built-in, ready-to-use dashboards and views to monitor the platform and applications.

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